For your enjoyment we have the Worlds Wildest Record Collections on hand 

courtesy of these Fabulous International Disc Jockeys...



Hailing from San Diego Tony is famous for his awesome series of comps "FUZZ, FLAYKES & SHAKES"

A regular at Funtastic Spain, Ugly Things USA and an original Wild Weekender!



Motor City Bonnevilles - Make up your mind 

Jack Bedient and the Chessmen - Glimmer Sunshine 

The Marquees - Marquees Party

The Little Bits - Girl Give me Love

Dave Lee and the Staggerlees -

Love Me


Lu-cille & Lu-do, eccentric singers with Les Kitschenettes have a sideline as manic musical maestros of French Beat, Nouvelle Vague movie tracks and other 60s bizarreries. This is their first Wild Weekend.


La Horse - Serge Gainsbourg

La Femme Aux Faux Cils - Annie Girardot

C'est Ma Vie - Stone

Le Camembert - Frederic Santaya

T-Bird - Rocky Roberts & Les Airedales



Vinyl Vixen and Disc Jocky-ette Suzy hosts The Pleasure Seekers Club, Berlin's premier 60s punk beat psych night. She has worked her platters that matter in fests across Europe & USA: Green Slime LA, Garageville Hamburg, Go Wild Eindhoven & Berlin Beat Explosion. This is Suzy's first Wild Weekend.


Plastic Blues Band – Gone

The Lynx – You lie

The Bad Roads – Blue Girl

The Primitive – Help me

One Way Street – I See The Light

The Fabs – That's the bag I'm in 

This stylish DJ Diabolikal Duo famous for Ugly Things, the longest running 60's music fanzine and The Loons will be delving into their vast vinyl archive for top garage and freakbeat nuggets that'll make yer head spin. In their hometown of San Diego they run a series of nights called "Ugly Things Presents" and they've Dj'd at the best of garage & mod clubs around the world.

Cry In the Night - Q65

Back to School - Bo Diddley

Night Time - The Strangeloves

Nothin - The Ugly Ducklings




UT logo basic.jpg


Infamous on the London Lounge scene for many decades as DJ & 

Sound Curator Martin ran legendary 90s club Smashing and has compiled 30 comp albums namely The Sound Gallery & The Sound Spectrum 

which kickstarted the global lounge revival.

Currently hosts the Beige Green Room on Soho Radio with Lenny Beige and curates London design shows as Division Arts.

Martin is another Wild Weekend Original!

Voom ba Voom -

Eve Boswell 

Hay Una Montana -

Los 3 Sudamericanos 

O Calhambeque - Roberto Carlos





He drive...he jive...he keep the party alive!

From Le Beat Bespoke to Mousetrap, Gary is the

Mod-ster de-rigguer on the UK New Untouchable scene. He'll drive you wild with his solid sixties grooving sounds. A first for the Wild Weekend 


Rich Mans Fable -

Merrell Fankhauser

The People In Me - 

The Music Machine

Growing Pains -

The Vaqeuros

Les Miserables -

Chemises A Poir



A veteran of the original Frat Shack and Wild Weekend, along with numerous other nights and events, including The Hideout with Liam Watson, Stag O Lee, Preservation Society & Drinking Club, Mousetrap and Funtastic Dracula. A Man-about-London Ben has a limitless knowledge of 1960s Garage and Frat music with a record collection to match.


The Henchmen - Livin’

Lykes Of Us - Tell Me Why Your Light Shines

Mark & The Escorts - Get Your Baby Outsiders - Go Go Ferrari

Apollo's Apaches - Cry Me A Lie

Co-founder of London’s Purple Turtle nights, the Frat Shack’s sister club, back in the day, Joss also helped out Josh & Babz – dressed, at various times, as an Easter egg, a Roman gladiator and a Christmas turkey! He then edited long-running British mag Bucketful of Brains, co-ran London’s Sonic Reducer club/band nights, served as tour DJ for the likes of Arthur Lee & Love, The Detroit Cobras, DKT-MC5, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Andre Williams, Seasick Steve, Georgie Fame and The New York Dolls. He's the first bloke ever to get married inside Sun Studios. Expect a righteous mix of sounds, from wild rock'n'roll to soul, ska, rockabilly, garage, blues, psych, punk, funk and other junk.

The Challenge - The Crunch Allen Page - She’s The One That’s Got It The Lyres - Help You Ann Buffalo Springfield - Uno Mundo Don Gardner - My Baby Likes To Boogaloo





Another veteran disc spinner of The Wild Weekends past & ye olde Frat Shacks of days gone by DJ Katmandude will be spinning his usual mixed bag of Ass Shakin' RnB, Honkin' & Hollerin' Calypso/Ska & Groovy fuzzy Rockin' sevens with a twist for your dancing pleasure! Wayne has the best collection of Ska 45s this side of Jamaica!


Fire in my Wire -  Patsy Todd

Shimmy Shimmy Watusi - The Buttons Swim - Jack Hammer

Fried Scampi - The Masked Phantom

Hittin' on Nothing - Irma Thomas

Native - Bob Calloway & the Chicks



Host of the K.A.O.S.-a-GoGo Radio Show on LuxuriaMusic.com for 13 years. Agent Kari's passion for shakin’ it up has given her fuel focusing on Fuzzzz, Garage, Organ Grooves, Psych & Trippy Rock. This original Wild Weekend Burlesque Performer promises to launch you into orbit while she DJ’s your Fuzzy ’n’ Wild breakfast!

Every morning at The Wild Weekend


Los Canarios - The Incredible Miss Perryman

Les Chancelliers - La Génération D'aujourd’hui

Science Poption - You’ve Got me High

The Roadrunners - Luv

The New Dawn - Dark Thoughts

G’s - There’s a Time



Liam has been playing DJ sets for the last 30+ years and has been a regular since the days of the very 1st Frat Shack and The Wild Weekend. He runs The Hideout with Ben and guests at the Cellar nights. 

When taking time off from nursing 1965 AKG Microphones at London's prestigious and legendary Toe Rag Recording Studio Liam likes to take part in experimental Suet based cuisine & competitive Snail racing.


Ananda Shankar - Dancing Drums

Gabor Szabo - Beat goes on

Colosseum - Kettle

Pat Martino - Strings

Black Sabbath - Supernaut

Herbie Mann - Hey Ho 



The Premiers - Get on this Plane

Mongo Santamaria - We Got Latin Soul

The Sparkles - The Hip

Damal & Rasheed - Arriba

Jenny Rock - Train Pour Memphis


Carl Combover has been spinning records in the clubs and bars of Liverpool since the early 90's and has ran the 60's Garage night The Go-Go Cage for over 10 years. His trusty box of 45's has seen him DJ at clubs all over the UK and the world: Glastonbury, Funtastic Dracula, Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, Blast-Off, Born Bad(Paris) and Fuzz in the City(Bilbao). He's also the drum pounder for several bands including 60s Garage delinquentsThe Shook-Ups and Las Vegas Grind Instrumentalists Doktor Combover.



Varo is Funtastic Dracula Carnival promoter and drummer in Las Munjitas del Fuzz/Doctor Explosion. His sets are a mix of white sounds from rock and roll & frat to garage and 50s R&B to late 60s black stompers as you can hear on his compilation LP "Shugaduga Vol 1" on Sheik Records.



The 4 Instants - Discotheque

The Turnarounds and The Stingers - Salt'n'Pepper

The Denims - Salty Dog Man

The Trends - Dance with me

Baby Chee Chee - Crazy Men

 Founder of Cologne's SOUNDFLAT RECORDS and organiser of the THE BALLROOM BASH Marco has a long history of DJ activities from Europe to Japan: Le Beat Bespoke UK, Funtastic Dracula Carnival, Beat Explosion Germany, Primitive NL, Festival Beat Italy, Purple Weekend Spain, At home in Germany you can find him behind the decks at his regular club night HIP SHAKIN' BEAT CLUB.
Come and dance to his selection of original Beat, Garage, Psych, R&B, Soul and Tittyshakers for the first time at the fabulous WILD WEEKEND!




Dan Nix & The Teen Sounds - I Know

The Paragons - Abba

Bunker Hill - The Girl Can't Dance The Creep - Betty Lou's Got A New Tattoo

Young Jessie - Teacher Gimme Back 



Spanish sun won't stop Soundflat Records owner Lutz to enter the isle of Mallorca with his box full of scratchy 45s, incl. a wylde mix of RnB, Tittyshakers, 6ts punk & weird-o-rama to make the audience dance like a dinosaur & jump around like tiny jumping mouse! Like he did before in 30 years of traveling around several planets of the apes. 


The Movement - Tell her      Sonny Oliver - Kee Mo Sabee         Tonni Kalash - The boss      Gary US Bonds - I wanna holler             Mark Sultan - Let Me Out 



“IT'S GROOVY BABY !!! ” Possibly his most recurrent phrase from the moment he got confused and fell into the magical kettle of the 60’s(when he still flaunted his bangs). Hedonist, individualist, athlete of the night and day…he likes women and wine…This scoundrel – and gentleman – has taken his vinyl box of 45s to the best Festivals and Clubs in Europe as far as 60’s underground music is concerned. "My musical tastes are wide ranging from r & b, soul to beat and garage. This time I have to play at home! Enchanted with being part of this edition of The Wild Weekend. Hipshakin 'Vacation !!!! »


The D-Coys - Bad Times The Swinging Machine - Do You Have To Ask The Tigermen - Tiger Girl The Romancers - She Took My Oldsmobile Brian Diamond and the Cutters - Shake, Shout And Go



Sound Gallery creator, Patrick made lounge and soundtrack music cool again with the release of Sound Gallery back in mid 90s, followed by Sound Spectrum. Hugely influential as a DJ Patrick, rarely performs, so The Wild Weekend is very privileged to have him spinning his fave mover and groovers from his awesome record collection. One half of Whitaker Malem leather and costume sculptors, Patrick together with partner Keir are one of London’s top design duos and often seen schmoozing at the most infamous of nightspots.




Lady in Cement - Montenegro

The Brain- American Breed

Les Lunettes- Michel Legrand

Topless Rock- Dominic Frontiere

Dr. Goldfoot & the Bikini Machine- The Supremes


Half man half prawn, half tourist half villager. Hailing from Benidorm Turista is living proof that you can still dance the crazy way across the skin of a bull! You can find him at

A-Wamba-Buluba, a club he has run for 6 years in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia. He's young, stupid, and spit at heart...you will bop till your feet burn.



Johnny Preston - I’ve got my eyes on you

The Latins - Habibi Twist

Curtis Knight - Voodoo Woman

Yvonne Carre - Geisha Twist

Tommy Roe - Carol


This Parisienne gentleman is

Le Roi Du Glam Rock!

Laurent is a veteran Wild Weekender and will be changing the pace with his pounding Glam Rock selection.



Alain Kan - City Palace

Kenny Pickett - Got a Gun

The Boston Boppers - Did You Get What You Wanted

Gumbo - We Don't Care The Troggs - Strange Movies



Harlem Library - Kenny Lynch

I Do - Goldie & The Gingerbreads

Ookie Dookie - Leon Martin     Spunkey Onions - Billy Davis & The Legends

Handsome Boy - The Ladybirds


Bringing Go-Go Glamour to the DJ set Barbara Blaze, Babz to those who know, is always swinging her hips as she plays her fave 45s. Finest 60s Girl-Garage sound, British Beat, Go-Go dance floor fillers are her forte plus a little Twist, Cha-cha-cha and Grind thrown in for good measure. "The more kitsch ’n’ crazy the record, the better” is her motto. Babz is head honcho at The Wild Weekend and The LuWOW Tiki parties, she is singer with

The Diaboliks and makes vintage costumes & clothes under ”Babzotica”.

Come and have a twist with me!


Another Wild Weekend veteran, Tiki-creature and 45rpm-addict Dirk runs his own radio show Ungawa since 1992 in Antwerp, Belgium. He deejayed all over the globe at various festivals and in numerous clubs.



Bird And The Bees - Tiger Dance Adam's Recital - There's No Place for Lonely People

Frances Faye - Comin' Home Baby

Mike Proctor - Mr Commuter Jacqueline Taieb - Le Coeur au Bout Des Doigts