Rated: MA15+

Fags in the Fast Lane

When Beau and his Herculean sidekick set off to avenge a spree of violent attacks on his fellow gays, he is waylaid on a vital mission for his beloved Mama (Kitten Natividad) when her GILF bordello is robbed by the giantess leader of a grotesque burlesque show.


With the help of a lethal cross dressing Persian Princess and a Bollywood eunuch assassin (King Khan), this unlikely team of avengers set off to retrieve the lost booty in a full-throttle, rock n roll feast of camp destruction and dangerous dance numbers. Will they be able to recover Mama’s beloved jewels and the magical golden cock? They’d better...

Special Collectors Edition DVD contains:

  • Reversible sleeve

  • Audio commentary with auteur Josh “Sinbad” Collins, DOP/Special Effects Stuart Simpson and writer Stephen G. Michael

  • The King Khan and BBQ Show Music Video “Illuminations”

  • Trailers and teasers

  • The Cartoons of Lluis Fuzzhound the artist behind the retro title sequence. 

  • World Premiere Featurette

  • Fold-out insert Poster, with illustrations by brilliant Brazilian artist, Juarez Ricci.

  • Collector’s edition bumper sticker




Fags In The Fast Lane is a depraved mash up that’ll have you laughing and gagging from the first frame to the very last. Brimming with old school special effects and mind boggling visual illusions the deranged smorgasbord will leave you begging for more.



“Terrifically tawdry,  gloriously distastful”                  Screen Space

“Fans of Grindhouse will be thrilled”                         Star Observer

“Pixel pefect genre hopping”               Mysteria Maxima magazine

“The trashy Queersploitation movie the world needs right now!”

                                                                             Dangerous Minds

“Lurid and Amazing---Watch it!”                         IS Cult Film Critics

Andy Warhol, John Waters, Russ Meyer and a dash of Frank Henenlotter"                                                             Cinema Crazed

"This outrageous schlock is required viewing"  Spoiler Free Movies




Sir Beauregard aka Beau
The Elvis Gang
Hijra the Eunuch
Wanda & The Chompers
Lost in the penis swamp
Queen Wanda defeats The Beast
Kitten and her GILFs
Salome becomes She-Mali
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